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Patty December 11, 2013 Scoodle Jam on iPad / Scoodle Jam Features

See the attached file for a quick reference map to get you familiar with Scoodle Jam’s tools and where they are located -- plus, a short tutorial on specific gestures to learn how to rotate, scale and place stickers and text; hide your video-chat windows; and change the color of your video-chat suit.

Your tools include: 48 Colors, Pen & Eraser in 5 different sizes, pre-made & DIY Photo Stickers, Type tool, premade Scenes & DIY Photo background tool, Save. Clear canvas and Help button.


Patty December 06, 2013 Scoodle Jam on iPad / Getting started on Scoodle Jam

To start  Scoodle Jamming with your Facebook friends, you need to do a few things first:

1) You must enable WIFI on your iPads

2) You and your friends must both have Scoodle Jam on your iPads.

3) You and your friends must be friends on Facebook

4) You both must be logged into Facebook on Scoodle Jam to see each other and play together.

 Once you & your Facebook friends have Scoodle Jam, you will automatically appear in each other's Scoodle Jam friends list. 

 To call a a friend who is on Scoodle Jam friend, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Log into Scoodle Jam

2. Touch the + sign on your "friends" video porthole, then select "Call a Friend".

3. Choose an online Scoodle Jam friend to play with by touching the green "Call" button next to their name.

 That's it. Now you can see each other, talk and start creating cool stuff together.


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